7,200km for £72,000

Stanmore Jafferys, in partnership with WF-Aid, are pleased to announce the launch of our annual Ali Asghar Water Appeal Sportive 2023. Now in its 4th year, and supporting a range of a life changing water solutions for families, this year’s appeal aims to bring the community together on Saturday 19 August 2023 at Hujjat Stanmore. SJ AAWA Sportive 2023 This year’s sportive will be centered around a single day, Saturday 19 August 2023 at Hujjat Stanmore where we are inviting everyone in the community to help us complete 7,200 km of walking or cycling to raise £72,000 for vital water projects in Gaza, Tanzania and Pakistan. As part of the sportive there are two activities individuals and families can sign up for: Walkathon (open to all) – we invite individuals and families to sign up for our Walkathon. The Walkathon invites individuals and families to complete a 5km walk around the perimeter of the Rugby Car Park. Mokibs will be stationed during the walk, offering the chance to learn more about the projects that we are supporting, listen to azadari, serve niyaz and to remind ourselves why our hearts yearn during these months. Cycle ride (open to gents) – our annual flagship cycle ride will be a 72km cycle ride, departing from Hujjat in the early hours of Saturday 19 August and returning by midday. Cyclists are encouraged to sign up and take part in the Walkathon in the afternoon (and encourage family members also). To sign up for either of these events, please click here. To Donate As part of registering for the event we encourage families and individuals to donate or set up their own fundraising pages to support our campaign.  To donate to the campaign please click here: To set up your own page linked to the overall fundraising page please head over to the fundraising page above and click on “Raise Money” to set up your and your families fundraising page. The Projects This year’s fundraising campaign will support 3 vital projects in Gaza, Tanzania and Pakistan.
  • Gaza – Beit Lahia, near the Israeli border, lacks infrastructure and local support, making access to clean water difficult. Poverty, limited resources, and low incomes have led to water scarcity and health issues, especially among children. 97% of the water in Gaza is unsafe, which has resulted in diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio. The aid project involves obtaining a water truck and 200 water tanks. The main goal is to help 200 families, around 1,400individuals, daily. This includes 60 orphans and 40 widows, who will directly benefit. The project will produce 780,000 liters of water per month and will help solve the need for water in North Gaza.
  • Tanzania (Tanga Region) – Maramba, a Ward in Mkinga District (Tanga Region), primarily consists of peasant farmers earning less than $2 per day, with the majority being Muslims. Economic development in the area has been neglected, and the quality of education provided by the State is below standard. To address the water needs of the community, five borewells are proposed, which will benefit 20,000 people by producing a minimum of 20,000 liters of water per day.
  • Pakistan – donations will support the construction of 8 washrooms in the impoverished areas of Punjab and KPK provinces. Most of these districts lack adequate facilities or have existing facilities in extremely poor condition. On average, each washroom benefits approximately 10 to 15 individuals in a combined family system. This will not only help solve the sanitation and hygiene issue in the district, but also help provide safe facilities for women and children.
Past Projects The 2023 edition of the AAWA Sportive builds on the huge generosity and support of our members. Over the last 3 years your support has enabled us to raise in excess of £300,000 and use the platform we have been blessed with to improve the lives of others. More information on our past projects can be found on our website: 2022 – Nzavoni Desalination Plant Opens – AAWA 2022 Delivers Again 2021 – Ali Asghar Water Appeal 2021 – Completion of projects 2020 – SJ water project supports 20,000 beneficiaries a month Stanmore Jafferys

SJ strikes deal with Gear4Sport

Stanmore Jafferys are pleased to announce a partnership with Gear4Sport. Gear4Sport, with over 15 years-experience in sports coaching, offer a range of sports equipment from racket sports to a range of other sports. The partnership comes at a crucial time as preparations are in full swing for Unity Games in Dubai. The offer is open to all Stanmore Jafferys members who have paid their membership for the calendar year 2023. To redeem your 10% discount, head over to the Gear4Sport website here, and use the code sj10off. Please note all purchases will be checked to ensure SJ membership has been covered for the 2023 calendar year. If you have any questions about particular stock you can contact Gear4Sport on We look forward to our members making use of this exclusive offer. Stanmore Jafferys

SJFC Kit Launch for 2023-2025

SJFC is pleased to announce the launch of our new kits for 2023-2025 with our sponsor Hujjat Harefield. We are delighted to officially unveil the new kits with Al Hajj Sibtain Alibhai, President of The KSIMC of London, Shaneabbas Merali, Head of Gents Sports and Trustee of Stanmore Jafferys, and some of our SJFA players, taken at Hujjat Harefield. The kits will be first be worn at the MAMT over the weekend, and throughout the season in league matches. The kits can also be worn at SJFA training sessions. We are proud to have the support of Hujjat Harefield, our kit sponsor for the next two years. We encourage all members to support the Hujjat Harefield project – a vision for a community village for all of us to be part of. Look out for details coming soon of how to place your kit order. Stanmore Jafferys Football Club

SJ Running Year-End Dinner

We are delighted to host the SJ Running Year-End Dinner and Awards Evening on Friday, 1 December 2023 at Hujjat, Stanmore. An annual event, this is a social evening for our running community to come together, look back at the year past as well as recognise and celebrate the many wins of our members. Similar to previous years, we shall be presenting the SJ Running New Member Award, SJ Runner of the Year and SJ Running Member Award at the event. We look forward to you joining us for our year-end dinner and awards evening. To sign up please click here. The deadline for signing up is Sunday 5 November, 10pm This event is for gents only. SJ Running

Trial Dates & Selection Criteria (Gents)

Stanmore Jafferys has been invited to participate in the Unity Games that will be held in Dubai between the 24th and 29th of December 2023 (inclusive). All members would have received an email outlining the selection criteria at a top line level. Please refer to the email sent on Wednesday 17th May for further details. The selection criteria set out by Stanmore Jafferys will be strictly adhered too and is supplemented by the guidelines set out by the Organisers as well as COEJ. Detailed selection criteria by sport can be found by scrolling through this article. Trial Dates: See below Trial dates for each respective sport: Sport Specific Selection Criteria On top of the wider selection criteria stipulated above, the following sports have also stipulated the below into their selection process.
Players will be selected on their skill and ability.
  • Players will require to show commitment towards attending the trials & training sessions   once the travelling squad has been confirmed.
  •  A coach has been appointed to run the trials & training sessions and will be making the final call on selection.
  • Players are required to attend a minimum of 4 sessions out of the stipulated 7 sessions  to be considered for selection.
  • Teams will be selected taking into consideration past tournament performance(s).
  • To be considered for selection, a player must attend the Outdoor Net Session as well as commit to playing in at least ONE Fixture
  • Once the squad has been announced the players will have to:
    • commit to attending matches during the later summer months.
    • Attend Winter Nets in the run up to the games.
Racket Sports:
  • Players will be required to attend the trial sessions to be considered for selection.
  • Selection will be based on tournament performances (Previous Unity Games & SJRS).
  • Details around Padel Tennis will be released in due course.

Reflections on My First Marathon – Sajjad Panju

An exhilarating test of physical and mental strength culminating into a deluge of emotions! To succinctly capture my experience of running my first marathon, I would like to share my reflections in the following stages. Signing up Running a Marathon had always been on my bucket list. When a few friends from my running community, Stanmore Jafferys, were training for the London Marathon in 2022, I really wanted to join them. However, I knew I wasn’t ready. I reluctantly “settled” for running my first half marathon instead and set a target of doing the London Marathon the following year. During this time, I worked on becoming a better runner and getting my body ready for a marathon. However, due to personal commitments and the timing of the London Marathon in April 23, this target slipped away and the sheer dismay of watching 50,000 runners take the streets of London left me with a void. In other words, I had a huge FOMO!! Fortunately, it turned out a few SJ runners had signed up for the Berlin Marathon later that year and encouraged me to join. I remember thinking, this was my chance, and I had to do it! With some convincing of family and juggling my personal commitments, especially given my planned move to Kenya around the same time as the Berlin Marathon, I managed to find a way to make it work and signed up for the marathon! Training With only 12 weeks to properly train for my first Marathon, I knew I had a huge task ahead of me, and with the help of my running friends, I started cracking on my training plan. Losing precious training time due to travel commitments and illness, I remained focused and kept a positive mindset. The real test came when I injured my Achilles tendon just 5 weeks before the big day! This meant I had to rest and as a result lost time on feet. At this turning point, I had to pivot my training plan and stay mentally strong. With recovery underway and the clock ticking, I slowly picked up pace with a few short runs and managed to complete The Big Half at a steady pace to test my Achilles tendon. Thankfully, my Achilles held up well albeit with pain and inflammation the next morning. At this point, with just 3 weeks to go, I had to accept the possibility of being at the start line in Berlin with an injury! Marathon Week I spent this week mentally preparing myself for the big day and finalised my race plan along with my pacing, fuelling and hydration strategies. I also prepared my meal plan for the week leading up to pre-race breakfast. More experienced runners would know that this is a key part of the race preparation. Race Day Having spent a good part of the night tossing and turning whilst anxiously thinking about my first marathon, I woke up with just 5 hours of sleep. Despite the lack of sleep, I was feeling pumped to take on this momentous challenge! Breakfast at the hotel was filled with fellow runners, all making sure they got their necessary fuel in. Trying to keep calm and hold my nerves in, I got into my race kit and proceeded to the start point. The journey to the start line was special, it was surreal seeing thousands of runners from all over the world walking in one direction towards a single fate that united you. We had all been through months of gruelling training. The big day had finally dawned. Entering the race village, I was welcomed by a buzzing atmosphere and enjoyed soaking up the race day vibes as I proceeded to my starting corral. All kitted up and ready to set off, I told myself this was my moment. I started to visualise the next 42.2km that lay ahead for me. And then the time came. My wave was flagged off and I was on the streets of Berlin for my first marathon. I paid careful attention to my race plan and maintained a steady pace until the half-way point. Having reached the half-way point in just under 2 hours, I was delighted. My Plan A of running a sub-4 hour marathon was within reach. I completed a further 5km at steady pace and felt really good. However, totally oblivious to what is coming ahead of me, I experienced sudden and sharp shooting cramps on my right leg after the 26km mark. This was the turning point! Not having experienced this before, I tried to persevere on. The words of my fellow SJ runners, Ali Momin and Abbas Bhimji speaking about their experiences with cramps at the London Marathon started to play in my head. And this was it! Now I “felt” what they had experienced. This was where the true marathon begins, I told myself, I must keep pushing! I stopped on the side to stretch my right calf. Every time I tried to pick up pace, I felt the cramps come back and had to dial my pace down. Having battled through a few more kilometres, I began experiencing shooting cramps on my left leg! Plodding through the pain, I reached the 32km mark – the infamous mile 20 that had taken many marathon runners! I had to re-assess my plan and settle for Plan B, given that the initial target of sub 4-hour had slipped away. With 10km to go, I remembered the famous words of the fastest marathon runner of all time, Eluid Kipchoge, “Pain is where success is. Pain will be there, accept it, embrace it.” I had to keep fighting! Suffering from cramps in both legs, and my body depleted to the point where the energy gels, water and electrolytes were not helping, I watched my pace drop to below 6:30 min/km to 7:30 min/km at the 38km mark. This was disappointing. But with just over 4km to go, nothing was going to stop me! I pushed myself ever so slightly, picking up water at every station and even a banana for a strong finish! As I looked up to the skies, constantly speaking to God, and hailing the crowds around me, I reached the 40km mark. The end was near, and I remember telling myself I could still aim for a 4:15 finish. The next couple of kilometres were hard. Several bends in and out, I had to dig deep and made the final turn catching sight of the iconic Brandenburg Gate up ahead. One of the most famous sites in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate stood as a proud symbol of unity for the people of Germany. I must succeed and found the energy to make a strong finish. I raised my arms in the air and thanked God for giving me the strength to get through this huge challenge! The raucous cheers of the crowd carried me through the final few hundred metres, and I crossed the finish line completing my first ever marathon with a smile in 4 hrs 14mins 🙂 An end to an amazing weekend in Berlin with cherished memories and so much to learn from! I would like to give a huge shout out to the following amazing people without whom this Marathon would have never happened! To my amazing wife Fatima Zahra for all her support, not only for making things work for me to do the Berlin Marathon, but also for her patience, sacrifice and encouragement in this transformation journey I have been through. Ali Momin for his coaching on all things running related. He has always been there, right from the start of my running journey 3 years back where I couldn’t even run a continuous 3km! Ariff Sidiq for his expert knowledge on long distance running and invaluable support, tips and encouragement. Ashiqali Damani for his coaching on nutrition, body composition and strength training. He is always there to answer my questions and has great knowledge on different food groups. In fact, it was Ashiqali who got me in good shape to run my first marathon. Abbas Bhimji for sharing his personal experiences and for pushing me to sign up for the Berlin Marathon. Nadim Kapadia for his continuous support and guidance throughout my running journey. Sarfaraz Bandali (aka Sublo) for his great advice and tips on recovery when I injured my Achilles tendon. That ginger patch worked wonders!!! As a final note, I would like to end by saying that the beauty of running a marathon is that even though running is an individual sport, yet we all share the same goal. Every runner is different, every runner has their reason for completing a marathon, yet we are all able to run together, share our experiences and learn from each other – a great example of unity and brotherhood. To all those out there who are thinking of running a marathon, I would say do it! This is an experience you don’t want to miss! An experience of a lifetime and one which will teach you so much about yourself! Pain is short lived. Finishing is everything!

The Big Half 2023

We came, we ran, and we won! On 3 September 2023, 48 members (gents and ladies) from Stanmore Jafferys completed The Big Half Marathon, the largest attendance our club has ever witnessed at a national running event. This included some seniors, as well as a few ladies over 65! For over half of our runners, this was their first half marathon. There was a palpable sense of nerve and anxiety going into the event. Will I be able to survive and run the distance? Was my training adequate? What if I can’t do it? But the event was a reminder that community trumped it all, aptly captured by the tagline of this year’s event #WeRunAsOne. Many lovely stories and moments were captured of how our members supported, encouraged and motivated each other through the training and on race day itself. Through the streets of London, our runners basked in the upbeat atmosphere and raucous cheers of support to complete the distance in style. What made this event special was the focus on diversity and inclusivity. As Asians, we do need to work harder when it comes to our health and fitness. And for all the pain every runner puts themselves through, they break down the barriers for greater inclusivity and inspiring a new generation of runners in the sport. A huge congratulations to all our runners on this significant achievement. We hope your running journey does not end here, but rather is the start for a beautiful journey ahead.
  Runner Reflections “This was my first ever half marathon. As the day approached, I started getting very nervous but the team and everyone was there to make sure all was in order. It was a great day and it got really hot, but the aim was to have fun and enjoy it. I had a great time, and would definitely plan another one insha-Allah.”  Sajjad Hameer, first half marathon  “Being at the start line with most of the SJ runners was a great feeling. And ticking off the miles with 4 encouraging, supportive (and sometimes funny) SJ runners made the time fly by. I was running with our elite SJ runners who could have completed the course in half the time. But such is our team spirit that they stuck it out with me for the entire course, for which I am most grateful. There was an amazing community vibe at the end of the race, and it was lovely to see families come to support their runners. A remarkable positive experience overall and I’m sure to be back for another challenge.” Fazalabbas Fazal, first half marathon  My reason for running was to raise money for the zawaar in Iraq doing the walk from Najaf to Kerbala for Imam Hussain (as). Every step that was difficult was a reminder it was for Imam Hussain (as). Running on the streets of London was a beautiful distraction, absorbing its distinct buildings, architecture and landmarks. It was truly amazing seeing so many family and friends cheering us on and my family cheering me on and allowing me to be a role model for my girls. It was a triumphant moment to cross the finish line. I felt a sense of achievement Alhamdulillah. I am so grateful to Stanmore Jaffrey’s for the opportunity to achieve something that I didn’t think was possible along with all the advice and tips from Sakina Sidik and the incredible team of ladies of different ages and walks of life. Alhamdulilah extremely grateful for this life changing experience.” Fatima Datoo, first half marathon “One can easily loose themselves in running. Apart from serving as a massive release of day-to-day, stresses, running is a wonderful sport which allows you to grow and develop your stamina at your own pace and with every new run it’s impossible not to push yourself that little bit more…The Big Half was everything I could’ve imagined and more! The surrealness of running on Tower Bridge amongst 15,000 people sharing the same crazy passion that I did. The breath-taking surroundings accompanied by the wonderful supporters cheering me on made me feel on top of the world. And with less than a mile left, I and others was encouraged by an angel, Sakina whom I had the pleasure of finishing the race with. Falling into her arms at the finish line- A moment that will stay with me forever! And the rest is history…See you all at the next one!” Fatema Kanani Merali, first half marathon “The supportive, collegial, and inspiring bunch of brothers shone a light on not only the physical benefits of training together but the spiritual and mental benefits too…On the day itself, I had a torrid time with cramping, and I’m indebted to Ariff who ensured I crossed the finish line upright rather than on fours. I’m delighted to have discovered SJ Running and my son seems to have caught the bug too.” Tauseef Mehrali, second half marathon

MAMT Championship Volleyball Tournament – SJ Teams

Find below the teams that will represent Stanmore Jafferys at the MAMT Championship Volleyball Tournament that will be held in Peterborough over the weekend of 30th September to 1st October. We will communicate further tournament details once we have these. Wishing the teams the very best.  

MAMT 2023 – Volleyball Squad

Salaamun Alaikum Gents, We have had a great response from our members to represent SJ at MAMT 2023, which will be held in Peterborough over the weekend of 30th September to 1st October. We have tried our best to ensure we maximise on participants able to attend without compromising too much on the tournament experience and currently have secured 5 teams to represent SJ. Currently, only a few players have missed out on selection but we are hoping to get them in if at all possible with an additional 6th team. The organisers will confirm this by next week Inshallah. To secure your spot in the squad, please click on the link below and make the payment for the entry fee by no later than Tuesday 5th September by 10pm. Failure to do so by the stipulated deadline will mean your spot will be released and filled by someone on the waiting list SELECTED SQUAD HAS BEEN LISTED BELOW: Abbas Jagani Ali Hadi Govani Imran Karawalli Aqil Karawalli Ali Rayhan Merali Abbas Merali Shehzadali Virjee Shane Merali Husayn Ismail Kazim Ismail Ali Ismail Jameel walji Azeem Dossa Muntazeer Rajwani Emran Datoo Abbas Karmali Abbas Asaria Husayn Merali Muhammad-mahdi Panju Muhammad Damji Husein Virji Sajjad Shabir Zahir Abbasali Bandali Shahid-Abbas Jaffer Yasir Merali Ali Imran Gulamhusein Ilyas Govani Muhammadhussein Jagani Amaar Khaku Mustafa AP Mohamed Shabbir Khaku Shaahid AP Suhail Merali Sajjadali Tommy Ali Khatau Kadhim Virani Zahid Jamal Khalil Khaki Asgher Virani Kumail Merali Zuhair Merali AliJavad Jaffer MohamedMahdi Tommy QaimAli Ravji Aqeel Bhimani Hasanayn Rhemtulla Jabir Merali Muhammad Datoo Congratulations on being selected, all players on the squad list will be required to attend ALL THE SATURDAY SESSIONS (09/09, 16,09, 23,09) in order to allow us time to prepare. We are also working on accommodation options for SJ members to use the Marriot in Peterborough and will advice shortly. If you are unable to make it anymore, please do inform us, via DM, as we have a standby list of players who have missed out. Duas, Jabir Merali

The Community Cup 2023 Review

Last month, 154 of the finest players in the community gathered together to play in the 4th annual Community Cup in Rectory Park, Northolt. After another successful last year, we were once again blessed with having 14 sponsors for our teams who each had the following colours: We kicked off the day with the 4 group games being played simultaneously until noon. The top 4 teams from each group would advance to the Cup, these included Westkin Associates, Eye Care Clinc, Kijana Kwanza and Jazz Print Solutions from group A and Conveno, Yourway, Academic Coaching and Holbud from group B. The next 2 teams that made the Plate were Medics Pharmacy and Spiritual Journeys from group A and Reignite and Who is Hussain from group B. Unfortunately, the bottom team from each group was eliminated, this was Saymur Accountants and Valesco Group. The quarter finals of the Cup kicked off after namaaz where 3 out of the 4 games were decided by penalty shootout! From the shootouts, Yourway, Jazz Print Solutions and Holbud were the ones who kept their nerve and prevailed into the semi finals, joining Academic Coaching who won their fixture in normal time. The Plate semi-final was next, and it was penalties once again deciding the victor as Who is Hussain advanced in their round. In the other semi finals, Reignite prevented a late comeback by Spiritual Journeys to advance. The Cup semi-finals then followed. Jazz Print Solutions and Yourway faced off in a 3-3 thriller which finished with Jazz Print Solutions winning on penalties. Holbud also advanced through via penalty shootout vs Academic Coaching after a goalless draw in regulation. The Plate final was then set, Reignite vs Who is Hussain. An early screamer from Murtaza Janmohammed sealed the victory for Reginite, crowning them plate champions. It was then down to main event, the Cup final. Holbud vs Jazz Print Solutions. The game was back and forth in the first half, with the captains for both teams, MohammedMehdi Karim and Sajjadali Gulamhussein scoring headers for their respective teams making it 1-1. This was the fulltime score and it was once again going to be decided by penalties, where Holbud would prevail. Crowning this years Community Cup Champions: Holbud! The individual award winners were: Fair Play Award: Mohamed Jawad Gulamhussein Golden Glove: Mohsen Sharifi Golden Boot: MohammedMehdi Karim Under 21 MVP: Qasim Kanani Over 40 MVP: Muntazir Chandoo MVP: Mohsen Sharifi Overall, on behalf of SJFC, we would like to thank all the sponsors, volunteers, players and spectators on the day who helped make this tournament a resounding success. Links to the photos are below!

SJ Padel Box Leagues – Now Live!

The Padel box leagues are now live and active on the Matchspace app for all participants. For those who registered before the deadline please find below the box you will be competing in with all matches needing to be completed by Sun 15th October 2023. As this is the inaugural round of box leagues in Padel, allocations have primarily been made using the self-assessment level provided by the participants during the registration phase: Box 1:
  1. Mehdi Hemraj & Hussein Abdulla
  2. Abbasali & Mohamed Hassan Merali
  3. Shiraz & Zahid Jamal
  4. Abbas & Hussein Yahya Merali
Box 2:
  1. Ali Virani & Abbas Kermali
  2. Abbas Rattansi & Mohammed Mehdi Karim
  3. Mustafa Walji & Alirayhan Merali
  4. Zain Jamal & Mohamed Iqbal Kassam
Box 3:
  1. Mustafa AP & Shaahid Alimohamed
  2. Hayderali Datoo & Asgherali Gulamhussein
  3. Shabbar & Alijavad Jaffer
  4. Kumail & Asad Merali
  5. Sabir Datoo & Fazalabbas Fazel
Box 4:
  1. Qawsarali Sumar & Arifali Hirji
  2. Mohammad Chagpar & Shabbir Datoo
  3. Mohamed Mishal & Abbas Dhalla
  4. Abbas Panju & Inqilab Kassam
  5. Hasnain & Ali Rajpal
Box 5
  1. Kumayl Nazarali & Ahmed Moini
  2. Mohammed Jawad & Mazaharali Gulamhussein
  3. Muhammad Damji & Owais Mawjee
  4. Ali Abbas Rajan & Qasim Hadi
All matches need to be completed by Sun 15th October 2023. At the end of the round, the top team(s) will gain promotion to the division above while the team(s) that comes bottom will drop down a division before the start of the next round.   Scoring Matches are played as 3 straight sets, not best of 3 sets but 3 sets in total with a golden point at deuce. If the games reach 5-5, a team must win the next two games to win the set. If the games reach 6-6, a tie-break is played same style as tennis to decide the set winner and the score should be recorded as 7-6. For the league standings, 1 point is awarded per set won by the team meaning a 3-0 win in a match would result in a full 3 points being awarded to the winning team.  Matchspace All box league players must download and register as players on the Matchspace app (phone app not PC) using the club code VKDSP-9566.  Apple: Android:  Booking Discount – 30% off! All box league players will be able to retrieve a 30% discount code which can be used for booking courts at Padel United – Bushey. The discount code can be found in the club feed section of the app. For any further queries please email