160K barrier broken ! New SJ Steps Record !


Another week full of steps ! The SJ record is once again beaten as Asif Panju (166,309) and Kumayl Jafferali (162,069) break the 160k wall.

The challenge continues!
We are inviting the wider community to take part in the SJ Fitness initiative “walking towards a healthier community”.
Every week we will gather data on steps taken by the community by filling out this form which will be sent out in the SJ Round-Up.
This is a drive (or walk!) to allow us to follow each others steps and get the wider community healthier
Every week we will present your weekly results and we hope that the numbers participating will increase as we progress.
It doesn’t matter how many steps you have done, what matters is that you have done steps.
All Time Weekly – Top 3
166,309: Asif Panju (w/e 8 September 2019)
162,069: Kumayl Jafferali (w/e 8 September 2019)
139,287: Muntazir Bhimji (w/e 1 September 2019)

8th September
166309: Asif Panju
162069: Kumayl Jafferali
105855: Muntazir Bhimji
104345: Hasnain Panju
99039: Abbas Bhimji
98281: Raza Husain
79000: Imran Kalyan
76940: Mahmood Dewji
71562: Mohammed Esmail
70504: Fuad Musa
68619: Akil Kanani
66000: Talib Sheikh
61402: Mahmood Jessa
60601: Musadiq Hassanali
58000: Sajjad Tejani
58000: Abbas Alibhai
52100: Asgherali Gulamhussein
51983: Mustafa Muraj