9th Muharram – Sports Community & Faith


“O My Shia, Remember me every time you drink water!”  Imam Hussain (AS)

On Saturday, 29th August (9th Muharram) SJ Cycling organized a ride to the three cemeteries.  Joined by over 65 cyclists, the youngest (Bashirali Rajwani) only 10 years of age.

Our 30 mile ride commenced from Northwood Hills, with the first stop at Northwood Cemetery, followed by North Watford, and finally Carpenters Park.  Our ride initially started as a simple ride to pay our respects at three cemeteries on 9th Muharram; this culminated in a majlis with many reciters and approximately 65 men and boys.  What a brilliant way to commemorate Muharram in the current environment.  We would to thank all our reciters who truly brought out the emotions on this day.

As one participant said “To me this is the practical application of our faith through sport which ticks all the boxes for us shias!”

As I write this article, we as a community have raised over 50% – £35k for AAWA; the humanitarian initiative to bring clean water to those less fortunate than we are.  There is also another milestone we are approaching; from L2B in Sept 2019, Ramadhan Relief 2020, and now AAWA 2020, we as community have raised over £85k to #makingadifferencetogether.  These funds were not raised by just SJ Cycling, or just the cyclists, rather by the entire community coming together with the understanding that together we are making our small difference to humanity.

We have set an ambitious target this year of £72k, and at the start of Muharram I was concerned that we may not be able to achieve our goals.  Today, through the generosity of our community, and our shared belief that bringing clean water is at the foundation of our values, I believe we will come together once again to deliver our goals, and #makingadifferencetogether.

Please support our initiative by donating HERE


“O you who believe, spend from that which We have provided for you before there comes a Day in which there is no exchange and no friendship and no intercession….” (2:254)

As a community whenever we have come together, we have always #makingadifferencetogether.  Let us come together one more time to effect humanity!


SJ Cycling