A glorious tennis session in the sun


A glorious tennis session in the sun

SJ Tennis held their 3rd session of the tennis season on Tuesday 4th August. The session was this time set on the stunning grounds of The Merchant Taylor’s School. The pristine courts were basked in the glorious summer sunshine primed for another exciting session of tennis!

The players were eager to pick up their rackets again and continue where the second session left off. Led by an experienced coach, the session started with a gentle cardio warm up and stretching exercises to get the blood pumping. A huge part of the game is being able to travel around the court effortlessly (Rodger Federer-esque). Therefore, with the addition of some cardio elements to the sessions, participants have felt their stamina increase and are able to move around the court a lot better!

To get back into the ‘swing’ of things, there were then a few coach-led drills. During the drills, players were guided through various shot selection processes such as; volleying and cross-court strokes. 

Following the opening drill, the participants spread across all 3 courts for an enthralling game of the classic “King of the court”. This drill is a great way to ease back into the game and favoured by all abilities. The coach watched over, helping participants with their shot selection and techniques as the players strived to be named ‘King of the court’.

As the sun began to fade away on a beautiful afternoon’s worth of tennis, there was excellent feedback from all participants. Some of the key feedback was; ‘Tailored to all levels’, ‘great tips from the coach’, ‘a fun workout’, ‘lovely way to ease back into the game’.

All in all, an excellent session and truly a great way to either brush up on your tennis technique or learn a new sport altogether! Looking forward to seeing all you next week inshAllah!

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