A Senior Surprise for Sheikh Nuru


His opening remarks were, “I have been to various Jamaats around the world and have never seen anything like this being done for the Seniors”.

Out of his busy schedule, he made the time and effort to be at our Baraaza much before the 10am start and was so fascinated by the discipline and participation of 55 seniors that within minutes, he had invaded all the stations to have a go.

He readily joined in the warm ups and yoga exercises and loved it to bits.

Yes, we are talking about Sheikh Nuru Mohamed. And what a pleasure it was to have him.

Not only did he promise to come back to enjoy a Tuesday outing but also promote and encourage our set up in other Jamaats around the world.

In the meantime, SJ Seniors keep trodding along.

Mumtaz Kassam
Head of SJ Seniors