AAWA Training Ride #1 – To HCC and back


As we plan weekly rides, last week was like no other. A few of us decided to go to the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit – since a lot of people have been talking about it so we thought let’s go see what it’s all about. Starting with four riders, overnight the list grew exponentially and the next thing we know, we had to accommodate 50+ riders. Talk about starting the month with a bang!

Despite Standard English weather (wet, gloomy and windy) on the day, 75 riders braved the conditions to attend the ride. We saw both young and old spinning their pedals round the 0.9 miles circuit while others took a break at the layover enjoying the crisp sunshine. All the while, the SJ Media team were busy taking pictures and videos in preparation of the AAWA launch.


Alas, the hollow bellys started ringing bells and soon it was time for Chaiwalla. In groups, we headed to the café to enjoy a nice hot karak chai coupled with chitter chatter amongst the riders. How better to end a day of fun and challenge.

In the background the SjC wheels and machinery keeps churning away. We have been busy planning for our flagship Ali Asgher Water Appeal Sportive event in addition to our weekly rides and upcoming monthly challenges. It is mind boggling how much there is to organize an event but iA with your continuous support we will exceed your expectations. After all, it is the plight of the unfortunate and impoverished that keeps us motivated to #makingadifferencetogether.