Al- Wilayah 2022 – Squad announcement


As promised, we had committed to releasing the players selected by Sunday 1st May. Congratulations to all the players that have made the Stanmore Jafferys squad for Al Wilayah 2022. It has been an extremely difficult task to whittle the numbers down to a squad of 3 teams. We would like to apologise to anyone that has missed out, please do not feel discouraged by non-selection and we encourage you to keep attending the sessions and continue to keep the Volleyball vibe going and buzzing as it has been over the last few months

See below all the players selected to represent SJ (we shall release the finalised teams in due course)

  • Shehzadali Virjee
  • Mohamedmehdi Gulamhusein
  • Mustafa AP
  • Husein Virji
  • Mohamed Shabbir Khaku
  • Khalil Khaki
  • Kumail Khaki
  • Asger Ali Virani
  • Mahdi Merali
  • Abbasali Mohamed Merali
  • Murtaza Merali
  • Fazleabbas Mohammedali
  • Maysam Khimji
  • Abbas Jagani
  • Kadhim Virani
  • Mohamedabbas Khimji
  • Tauseef Kanji
  • Amirali Merali
  • Murtaza Virani
  • Emran Datoo
  • Zahir Abbasali Bandali
  • Husein Rajabali
  • Azeem Dossa
  • Wasim Mohamed
  • Hasanayn Rhemtulla
  • Yaseen Walji
  • Mohammedabbas Kanji (Netty)
  • Imranali Khaki (Netty)
  • Zahid Jamal (Netty)
  • Muj Jaffer (Netty)
  • Hussein Ismail (Netty)