SJ Basketball successful inaugural session


On 18th February, we tipped-off the inaugural session of SJ Basketball at the Avanti House Secondary school. Excitement filled the entire gym even before the start, with players displaying their handles during warm-ups and doing their best to emulate Steph Curry from beyond the 3pt line.

Reza Ladak gathered the group of 18 players at half-court and began with an introduction to SJ Basketball while everyone completed their warm-up stretches. The next hour was basketball brotherhood at its finest. Together, the team hustled up and down the court working on their dribbling, took part in lay-up drills, learned proper footwork and finally practiced shooting form at the Free-Throw line. Advanced players encouraged the beginners, helped them through the drills, and made sure everyone was having a fun time while learning.

The second half consisted of 4v4 games which paired-up evenly matched teams. This is where teamwork and brotherhood took the spotlight. Regardless of skill level, each player had an impact on the game – from hustling for rebounds, making the extra pass, or hitting the big shot.

Needless to say, the first SJ Basketball session was a huge success, and this is only the beginning.

The next one will be on Friday, 25th Feb. please join the WhatsApp group for details and registration link.