Be Bold for Gold


The challenge is really simple. Ride as much as you can throughout the month and earn a Virtual Badge at the end. This will be an individual challenge but you can ride solo or in a group depending on your local areas’ lockdown rules. The rides must be logged in strava and each participant must have their own strava profile. The badges will be awarded as below;

Badge Classification
Carbon – 500 miles
Gold – 200 miles
Silver – 100 miles
Bronze – 50 miles

– You must register with us even if you have registered previously at this link <>. This is to ensure we hold accurate data about you to manage our cycling community, data privacy and confidentiality purposes, streamline our processes to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, and ride logistics, administration and emergency purposes. This will be a one-off exercise so please do comply with this requirement.

==General Announcement==
1. We will be merging SJLC (Ladies Cycling) and SJ Cycling strava groups shortly, to easier manage our ever-growing cycling community in the UK. We will manage the migration so please do not leave the group.

2. We will leverage the already existing SJ-5K group and use it for tracking our monthly challenges. We will manage the change so please do not leave the group, but do register again.

3. Chat groups for both Ladies and Gents will remain separate. Ladies have a telegram group whilst Gents are on Whatsapp.

4. Please encourage your family and friends to join our cycling community to promote a healthy life style and open their world to a whole new experience as you have done so yourself. All they have to do is, register at this link.

5. You will have received your Ramadhan Challenge medals (category winners) by now. If you do not receive it in the next 2-3 days please reach out to us.

We would like to wish you the best for the June Challenge and we are very excited to be working on a few fantastic initiatives which will be announced in the coming days and weeks iA. As always we are here to help you with anything cycling related therefore either reach out to us directly or email Until then, be safe and keep pedalling!

SJ Cycling