Catch Me If You Can


Friday 15 March 2019, I lay of my sofa having just recovered from 3 full weeks of the most serious bout of flu I had ever experienced. Deep down inside I knew my health had become a low priority. I had been in denial for some years and I knew I needed to shape up. My wife, rather nonchalantly, and now regretfully said, “Go for a run”. And in true Forrest Gump style, I laced up my trainers and went for my first ever run. The rest, as they say, is history.

I have watched from the outside the buzz, the hype, the community spirit, the positivity SJ has created across its sporting areas for the many in our community. But as my passion for running continued to grow, there was always one question at the back of my mind. Why is there no running fraternity under any of SJ’s banners? So, 16 months after I began my own running journey, today I am pleased to announce that we are officially adding men’s running as a dedicated sport to SJ. In doing so we are launching a series of 5K virtual running events in July and August to kick start our running revolution.  We hope to share more information on this with you in the coming days.

For me, nothing beats the buzz of exploring a new route of every place I visit. Nothing beats the buzz of a cheering crowd at a running event.  Nothing beats the buzz of taking on the weather elements. If someone had told me 16 months ago, I would have the opportunity to grow a running programme for our community, I would have laughed in their face. But I doubted my own ability back then. So, dust down your running shoes, blow away those internal cobwebs and get set for a fantastic summer of running!

Ali Momin

PS: it always pays to listen to your wife