CoEJ MAMT 2020 Press Release RE: Coronavirus


In light of the current global situation regarding the coronavirus we wish to reassure all stakeholders that there is constant monitoring from the MAMT team and consultative processes are in motion.

We have the following recommendations for all concerned:

1) Follow the guidance coming out from COEJ, Jamaats and the Government Health announcement and stay safe.

2) Do not make any travel or accommodation commitments which may not be reversible.

3) All sports heads are to assess the feelings on the ground and share their feedback with the MAMT team to arrive to a judicious decision based on the circumstances perceived.

4) A deadline date will be set and circulated allowing all stakeholders to mitigate financial and health risks.

5) Should the decision be made to postpone the event the fees already paid will be reimbursed.

Kindly refer to your respective sports heads to get an authentic status of the event.

Please refrain from forwarding messages which are not verified by those designated the responsibility to give guidance.

Thank you.

Salaams and Duas,

Click HERE for the CoEJ MAMT 2020 Coronavirus Statement