Family Cricket Bonanza


The summer of 2021 has seen the revival of one of our most traditional and beloved sport in cricket. We have successfully completed some internal matches, and indeed an external game vs Leicester (which we won) bringing together the talented youth of today and some of the more experienced senior players under one platform.

At Stanmore Jafferys, we are always looking to the future, and we recognise that the revival of this sport can only be achieved through the engagement of the youth. However, our future would not have had the same zest without the zeal and guidance of the legends of the past.

With that in mind, it is with great pleasure that Stanmore Jafferys are hosting an All day tournament to honour some of the great bastions of our community in the cricketing world.

The tournament will consist of 3 teams, named after Late Muslim Kanji, Late Zulfikarali Fazel and Late Sibtain Kassamali, competing together on the pitch to win the Late Gulamabbas Janmohammed (Tommy) trophy.
The man of the series award will be in memory of the Late Gulam Sherali and Man of the Match award in memory of the Late Munaver Mohamed Valji

This day promises to be a fun filled day for the whole family with plenty of food, picnic areas, play activities for children and other activities such as Park Volleyball.

We will even have live commentary of the cricket on the day to add to the entertainment.

Your presence on the day will add to the community spirit that was a fundamental core of all our great marhums of the past