Dubai 2021 Volleyball Squad Announcement


Salaamun Alaikum,

Inshallah pray that you are all well. It has been great to see you some of you back at LA over the last few weeks as we resume our indoor sessions. We look forward to seeing more of you over the next few weeks!!

We would like to thank everyone that registered and showed their interest in representing Stanmore Jafferys at the Dubai Open Volleyball Tournament that is being held in the memory of the Late Mr & Mrs GG Merali.

We had over 40 players register their interest, no mean feat at all considering the commitment and costs associated with travelling abroad for a tournament. However, as mentioned earlier in our previous communications, selection for this tournament was based on:

  • Performances and Ability in an outdoor setting (to give us the best chance of competing at the highest level)
  • Exposing the Youths and  up-coming players within the club to top level Volleyball.

The players selected are listed below:

  1. Khalil Khaki
  2. Kumail Khaki
  3. Faz Mohamedali
  4. Hussein Virji
  5. Kadhim Virani
  6. Sajjad Sumar
  7. Imran Khimjee
  8. Muhamad Datoo
  9. Mohamedmehdi Gulamhusein
  10. Imranali Khaki
  11. Mehdi Merali
  12. Shezadali Virjee
  13. Asgherali Virani
  14. Zainali Jamal
  15. Abbas Jagani
  16. Hasanayn Rhemtulla
  17. Zahidali Jamal
  18. Hussein Ismail
  19. Fazal Virani

Congratulations to all those that have been selected. The next few weeks leading up to the tournament are key! Considering the lack of volleyball due to Covid, we need to work hard to get as much court time to best prepare us.

Inshallah, the team and I are doing our best to set up as many Internal tailored sessions as well as practise sessions with external teams as we can in the lead up.

At this juncture we would like to apologise to the other members who weren’t selected. As always we thank you for your support and will need you all to help prepare our teams for Dubai.


Thank You

Mohamed Jabir Merali

SJVB Coordinator