Dubai Take Off with Style, Charm & Elegance


SJ air miles have started ticking as the SJ troops board the flights to Dubai for the much awaited UNITY GAMES 2019.

Crossing countries and continents, Stanmore Jafferys ambassadors will converge with the international community to meet, greet and compete in the global sports festival.

Following months of diligent preparation and meticulous planning combined with dedication and hard work, our teams are fastening seat belts on various airlines from various London airports.

Regardless of route and flight numbers, each and everyone has the same destination and intention alike, namely representing our 5-star club and badge with honour and dignity.

This is a platform where SJ will have an opportunity to network, share best practice and showcase our institution – with Style, Charm and Elegance.

We are participating in this tournament with nearly 100 people, gents and ladies combined, and with a mixture of experienced players together with first-time contestants in an international event.

SJ is truly blessed with seasoned flag-bearers who together with the senior players will shoulder a huge responsibility to lead the way on the ground as well as around by setting the direction and example for the younger generation.

Our ambitions and expectations in terms of results will continue in line with past successful achievements where we are aiming for triumphs across the sports disciplines and we are definitely in position to realise our aspirations.

Whilst the players have spent countless hours in training, our administrative backbone has equally spent a remarkable amount of time ensuring the best possible communication, coordination and organisation.

Furthermore, our social media engagement and exposure for this event has been top-class and made waves across the globe.

Our sincere appreciation is also extended to all our sponsors and partners and we are indeed grateful for your support.

The club also acknowledges the support from and sacrifice by the family members during the intense training and preparation phase.

With the tournament due to begin on Christmas Eve, I am confident the community at large will rally the support and carry the teams throughout the games.


Time to Check-In and board the flight,


With Salaams & Duas.

Shafique Govani

Chairman, Stanmore Jafferys