Enhancing our Player & Parent Support


Our journey to empower SJFA even further as an inclusive club is progressing well and we aim to have our new Coaching Support team fully up and running at the start of the new season.

We will start publishing our initial plans and processes to support our club move forward on this journey over the coming months in preparation for the new season.

A major part of our focus is to raise awareness of the Coaching Support initiative across the SJFA coaches, players and parents, to this end we are currently completing a video production that will be promoted through our usual channels as well as potentially shown during the Hujjat programme over Mahe Ramadhan.

The biggest challenge we face is to reach the wider community and in particular the parts of the community currently not engaged in SJFA. This is where ae are requesting your support to help us spreading the word amongst your friends and family. We would love to hear from them and get there input and support, they can do this by contacting us on fa@jafferys.org

We want to further enhance our playing environment where children of all abilities continue to be welcome and ensuring we continue to provide additional help where welcomed.

Our continuing aim is to provide a club that can accommodate everyone and where players and parents feel welcome and supported every step of the way to strengthen the bond between us all.

SJFA Welfare Officer