Exclusive SJ Enertor Discount


I’ve been running for 7 years and for the past 4 years I have been wearing Enertor insoles. In short, for me they have been a game changer and a life changer. As someone who suffers from heel spur, these insoles are simple fantastic in shock absorbing and comfort.

I have recommended these to a number of people who also have found great relief and comfort with them, not just for runners, but for everyone who spends time on their feet.

Don’t take my word for it (even though I feel like their brand ambassador). I have been in touch with the powers that be at Enertor to secure an exclusive discount for Stanmore Jafferys members. However, this discount is time limited and is only valid till the 9 July 2021.

Please do take advantage of this excellent discount, take a look at their website at www.enertor.com and have a browse through the kit they have available.

The code is SJSPORTSCLUB and will give Stanmore Jafferys members a 15% discount.

The following conditions are associated with the discount:

– The discount code can only be used on single pair insoles or clothing; bundles are already reduced and so are not included.

– The code is only intended for members of SJ Sports Club, please do not disseminate outside this group.

– The code can only be used once per user.

Ariff Sidik

SJ Running Cordinator