Faith. Friendship. Food.


Sunday 17 October 2021 saw SJ Running kick off the autumn season with its inaugural run to Kabrastan. Following in the footsteps (or shall we say wheels) of SJ Cycling, the run provided an opportunity for our runners to combine our love of faith, friendship and of course food.

Starting at Northwood High School, the 20 plus group made their way through the back roads of Hatch End, South Oxhey and fields to Carpenders Park Lawn Cemetery. Here they paused for a recitation of the Holy Quran by brother Akil Kanani and a marsia by brother Yusuf Nurmohamed.

Thereafter, followed a short talk by brother Arif Chandoo where the group were reminded of how modern man has tilted the balance over centuries from physical running for survival purposes to one of running after the material world. But no matter what we chase in this life, when our race comes to an end, the only things we will have to show for it are the good deeds we committed in this life.

The group then meandered back to its starting point offering the opportunity for brothers to catch up on a social after many months, or welcome runners who were joining for the first time. One new runner commented “I never knew you could run and enjoy a conversation without knowing where the time has gone and here I am slogging it out by myself on the treadmill desperately praying for the time to end!”.

On return the brothers were treated to a nice cup of karak chai and tabaruk where Yusuf Nurmohamed gave the second talk on the difference between mandazi and mahmbri. A topic for a future podcast!

One thing we’ve learnt over the last year is by taking the run out of running, we start to make running the more inclusive activity we’ve always wanted it to be. Ready to take your first step but too shy to ask? Drop us a line at

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