Farewell and Appreciation for Mustafa Muraj


Today, we gather to bid farewell to a remarkable individual who has left an indelible mark on our hearts and the SJ Youth Badminton program. Mustafa Muraj, a person of unwavering dedication and passion, has served as a beacon of inspiration for over 5 years, guiding our youth towards success both on and off the badminton court.

Under Mustafa’s leadership, SJ Youth Badminton has flourished, becoming a thriving sport among our young members. The fruits of his labour are evident as numerous SJ Youth Badminton graduates now proudly represent county and university teams, a testament to Mustafa’s commitment and guidance.

Organizing successful events has been one of Mustafa’s strengths, with his contributions extending far beyond the badminton court. As a racketeer at SJRS and a key organizer of the renowned MAMT, Mustafa has demonstrated his exceptional skills in bringing people together and creating memorable experiences.

However, Mustafa’s greatest legacy lies in his establishment of the Father and Son Badminton tournament, an annual SJ event that has become a cornerstone of our community. This tournament embodies the essence of camaraderie, fostering strong bonds between children and their fathers. Laughter, banter, and new friendships are forged on the court, making it a joyous celebration of the sport and a cherished tradition for all generations.

With a heavy heart, Mustafa has decided to step down from his role, seeking a well-deserved rest. Words cannot express the depth of gratitude we owe him for the selfless effort and dedication he has poured into our community. Mustafa, your impact on the lives of our youth and the SJ community as a whole will be remembered for years to come.

As we bid farewell to Mustafa, we also look towards the future. We are now accepting applications for the position of SJ Youth Badminton Coordinator. If you or someone you know possesses the passion and drive to continue fostering the growth of our youth in badminton, we encourage you to submit your application to hos@jafferys.org.

In closing, on behalf of the entire SJ community, we extend our deepest gratitude to Mustafa Muraj for his exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication, and boundless passion. May your journey ahead be filled with joy, rest, and continued success.

With warm regards,