Fighting for life from the jaws of disaster


At Tuesday’s  SJ Seniors Baraaza on 25th June, it was a pleasure to have br. Yusuf Yusufali, The CEO of comfort  AID International (CAI) all the way from Orlano,USA. He was accompanied by a CAI trustee, br. Sohail Abdulla. Seniors were amazed to hear br. Yusufali speak of his personal experience of fighting for life from the jaws of disaster. When diagnosed with the disease in India and advised to go through the vigorous medical therapy treatment, he decided against it and took the traditional path of treatment. His firm commitment to a regime of fitness and regular 50 miles a week jogging sessions helped to a complete recovery. And the regime continues to this very day no matter which part of the world he is in. Seniors were given some good tips on how to remain healthy and active. It all ended with a very interesting question and answer session to everyone’s satisfaction.