Getting back into the ‘swing’ of things


After a brief break, SJ Tennis resumed their weekly tennis session on Tuesday 13th October 2020. Although there was a slight bit of rain, players were still eager to get out onto the court and enjoy a fine evening of tennis – proving tennis is a game for wet weather conditions.

The players were eager to ‘pick up’ their racquets (after using some anti-bac of course) and learn some new tips after watching 2 exciting weeks of French Open tennis.

Led by an experienced coach and in line with COVID rules throughout, the session started with a gentle cardio warm up and stretching exercises. Following this, the coach led some light drills including volleying, target practice and ground stroke play. The drill segment ended off with the ‘approach, volley, smash drill’. Players were able to illustrate the various techniques they had picked up in the earlier drills in this all-encompassing final drill.

Following the final drill, the participants spread across all 3 courts for some serving practice. With cones set as targets, this really highlighted and gave focus to the players on the importance of serving technique. A key moment was when the experienced and skilful Sajjad Govani hit a great wide serve, being the only person to hit the cone during the practice (sadly making everyone else do a small forfeit of 5 push-ups).

Towards the last half an hour, players stayed in their original pairings for some doubles matches. These lighthearted matches were a chance for players to have a good laugh, practice their newly learnt techniques and engage in some light competition.

All in all, an excellent session and truly a great way to either brush up on your tennis technique or learn a new sport altogether! Looking forward to seeing all you next week inshAllah!

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