Getting Through These Tough Times


Salaamun Alaikum

Inshallah hope all is well.

It has been a very tough week for us all – not just are we faced with an unprecedented health crisis but also we are feeling the loss of not being around our fellow friends and community.

At this tough time it is vital that we really concentrate on:

1. Our mental health

2. Our physical Health

We are all leaders – some at home and some at work and we need to be able to control the way we think to be able to get the best out of ourselves and others at a time like this.

Also, we need to be physically strong so our immunity is able to fight off anything which attacks us.

Motivation during Covid -19 By Mahmood Mawjee

Commynity & Health during Covid – 19 By Mawjee – Head of SJ Fitness

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Take care – Keep Safe – Salaams

Mahmood Mawjee
Head of SJ Fitness