Head of Fitness 2021-2023


Dear All,

 Salamun alaikum,

 One of the key aspects of our SJ Sports set up over the last 5-6 years is to create a sustainable framework by growing our capacity, our team and the volunteer base; and therefore to give our members an ongoing opportunity to come forward and spearhead activities within the set up and minimising burn within the existing team.

 One of the mechanisms we have implemented over the years to meet this objective is to have a rolling 2 year term in place for our Sports Heads and Coordinators  and opening up the role to the members.

 It is on this note we would like to put on record our appreciation and sincere gratitude to Mahmood Mawjee our Head of Fitness on behalf of us all for doing an incredible job in driving Fitness forward since founding it in 2016.

 If you are interested in taking on the role as Head of Fitness, please kindly email your details to: secretary@jafferys.org. Deadline for applications is: Sunday 28th February 2021, 10pm


Thank you