I Told Everyone “See You In One Year”


10 Years Too Long – It has been exactly that amount of time since I left my local community to live in Singapore. I always have very fond memories of growing up in Stanmore mosque which became my second home where I made many good friends and developed deep bonds with so many wonderful people. I coached the inaugural Football club for a good 7-8 years seeing many positive changes in the attitude to sport and fitness but I had an offer to work abroad that I just couldn’t refuse. I told everyone see you in one year – well the rest is history!

After I moved to Singapore things propelled themselves to a new beginning and unfortunately I didn’t manage to keep in touch with many of my brothers and sisters from our local Jamaat. Therefore when the opportunity arose to come back and serve the community I was delighted to make the 14 hour journey for a 2 hour workshop.

When I landed I was inundated with calls and messages from the Head of SJ Fitness that the event had to be cancelled because of the threat of Coronavirus. I just kept thinking to myself “it’s ok if Allah wants it to happen then it will happen”. I always believe in the greater plans of The Almighty and that faith paid off because the event went ahead thanks to some amazing work in the background by the SJ Management team and the SJ Fitness team.

I coach approx. 2,000 individuals in Singapore ranging from beginner runner to advanced international runner so I thought to myself “I got this covered” well as it happens I didn’t have it covered because a wonderful young man called Murtaza Dewji asked me if he could join on his wheelchair. Now I had never coached anyone who was on a wheelchair before but I thought what a wonderful opportunity for both of us to learn Inshallah so I was very happy for him to join.

I turned up to the Venue at Northwood School and I went in to the hall – I was the first one there. I arrived at 9am even though starting time was 10am because I always tell my athletes that if class starts at 10am then as of 9:45am you are already late. Well I couldn’t breach my own standards could I!

I saw young Murtaza sitting there outside the hall – he gave me 2 of his books and told me his life story how he gives speeches to inspire others and people shouldn’t feel sorry for him. I was start to tear up but then a few more of the gang arrived like brother Abbas on his bike and brother Nadir.

We eventually started the session with about 50 individuals turning up and I heard that was a record for the SJ Fitness group.

We covered a lot:

– how to prevent and correct joint and muscles pains to optimise sporting performance
– how creating the right structure for your posture can help you not just in your sport but also in your professional and study life
– what exercises you can perform to correct the many aches, pains and imbalances our body has suffered over the years
– what impact radiation can cause especially when we think or even exercise

By the end of the session I was extremely happy that everyone learnt something new and how to make a positive shift in their lives by just spending 20-30 minutes a week to help their bodies perform at optimal capacity whether they walk, run, cycle, swim or even if they just sit at home.

The issues we have faced in the past are not death sentences for future suffering – whatever is holding you back from joint, muscle or mental limitations YOU CAN OVERCOME these!

Focus on your health by spending 20-30 minutes a week and you will have a more focused and prosperous life ahead filled with productivity, wellness and abundance.

Please click here for photos from the session

Mohamed Rahim