Indoor Training Start Up Guide


Welcome to the world of indoor training. I am sure that you will love it and see the huge benefits that can be reaped with some structured training.

Please follow the instructions below and you will be up and running in no time.

Online Training Accounts

Please ensure that you have made a Strava1 account (
Join the SJ Cycling Group on Strava (
Join Chase The Ladder (
Download the Wahoo Fitness app from Google Play or the AppStore
Make a Zwift account (free for U16) from here:
Download Zwift onto your desktop and mobile
Lastly, please create a free account in TrainingpPeaks ( . More details on this will shared in a few weeks.

Set up the Kickr Snap
You should have the following items in the box: Kickr Snap, Riser Block, Skewer (130/135mm quick release axels), power adaptor
Replace your current skewer with the Kickr Snap skewer
Place the bike in between the clamping mechanism and lock
Ensure the lock is closed tightly by adjusting the non drive side
Ensure that your rear wheel is correctly pumped up otherwise you may experience slipping
For videos please see
Perform a spin down to calibrate the turbo using the Wahoo app

Wahoo Kick Snap modes
Please understand the difference between the modes available to you on the Kickr Snap

Level: Choose your power curve! Just like riding on a fluid or wind trainer, the faster you go, the harder it gets. The level you select determines the progression of your power curve.

Resistance: Just like adjusting the brake in spin class. For those who need complete control, this allows you to set the resistance of the brake manually anywhere from 0 to 100%. Regardless of speed, resistance will remain the same until otherwise changed

ERG: Set your desired power and watch as the KICKR adjusts to keep you honest during training. If your cadence drops, the KICKR will increase the resistance to maintain a constant power output, regardless of speed. It’s the ultimate way to train – with power!

Sim: With Sim (AKA Route) mode, enter your weight, bike type, riding position, headwind, and grade to have the KICKR accurately model the power curve as if riding outdoors. When using this mode, ensure your weight and tire size is properly set in the KICKR’s sensor settings for accurate power calculations.

Final Notes
For all structured training you will need ERG mode, for races and other Zwifitng you will need Sim mode
You will receive an email with some workouts that will need to added in to a specific folder on your PC. This will come out in a separate email
Please make sure you message in the group when you have completed your workout and make sure you have hydrated and have enough food pre/post ride to keep the energy levels up.
You will most likely also need to keep the window open or have a fan to keep you cool
It is also better (rather a requirement) to wear a HR monitor. Two examples are

Finally we hope that you enjoy your structured training!!


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1 Strava T&C note the following:

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