“Iron Legs” Joins SJ Cycling as Vice Chair


SJ Cycling would like to welcome Imran Mamdani a.k.a “Iron Legs” to the SJ Cycling 2020 team in the official capacity as Vice Chair. Imran is a keen cyclist and a strong supporter of cycling within our community. Imran participated in the SJ Cycling L2B in 2019 as a Group Leader.

Imran’s strategic focus in 2020 will be to work with SJLC Chair Sister Iffat Tejani in exploring avenues of grant funding at local, regional, and national levels that are available to grassroots cycling organizations. This is a strategic priority for SJ Cycling going forward to help us in developing and enhancing our proposition for the needs of a growing cycling community.

I look forward to working with Imran in the coming weeks and months.

Mohamed Ladha
Chair, SJ Cycling