Last Days of Elevation


SJ Cycling’s July Challenge for Elevation was drawing to an end.  We planned one last push to give riders the opportunity to add those crucial few feet allowing them to move up the Elevation Leaderboard.  We had a motley turnout with the young and old, the new and the experience.  This is something we are seeing on each of our rides which makes SJ Cycling more than just a Cycling Club, but a Cycling Community.

This week we started the ride at Northwood School.  We planned to end the ride at Northwood Recreation Ground where we would join forces with SJ Fitness and SJ Running.

We began with a warn up ride around the dubbed SJ Loop.  This is just over 6-mile loop passing Northwood, Pinner and North Harrow. Once our muscles were suitably warm, we followed Mohamed Ladha’s lead to start the journey to what was the most elevation some of our riders had ever done.  The pace was slow and steady and all riders completed the hills.  Here in SJ Cycling we leave no one behind!

The ride ended as planned at the rec ground where some of the riders that still had energy to burn, did some well-deserved stretches and a light workout.  Kudos to them!

We did over 1000ft of elevation and about 28 miles of cycling.  Well done to everyone that took part.  Looking forward to the Royal Park Trilogy ride this coming Sunday