London to Brighton – The Journey Home


On 15th of September 37 riders from Stanmore Jafferys set out on a 54-mile epic adventure – cycling from London to Brighton to raise money for the Ali Asgher Water Appeal.

They set out with the intention of raising £14,000. Because of your support and donations, they were able to raise over £31,000!

Your donation to help build water wells will enable 131 MILLION people to have access to water over the lifespan of the water well…let that sink in for a moment. Yes…131 Million people….and that is all thanks to you!

This is the story of their journey…

You can watch the video here:

If you would like to donate to the World Federation Ali Asghar Water Appeal you can do so here:

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This video has been produced, directed, filmed and edited by Syed Mohammed Jawad, Ashif Dharas, AliAkbar Ravji, and Qawsar Ali Sumar