Making A Difference Together


“O My Shia, Remember me every time you drink water!”  Imam Hussain (AS)

Dear Community Members

Salaam Alaikum

It is with great pride, and greater humility that I write to communicate we, as a community, have raised £73,928.  Surpassing our £72k challenge before the day of the ride.  What an amazing achievement and truly #makingadifferencetogether.

At the start of this journey I was cognizant we had set a very ambitious target, and to deliver this would be a challenge indeed.  However, once again, the community has truly inspired by standing firmly with SJ Cycling to positively impact humanity.

We have been given this opportunity, in this sacred month, to effect humanity by providing the most basic human need, sustainable clean water, to the most impoverished in the world.  Our vision remains; to bring this bounty of clean water from the Almighty to every corner of the earth.  No matter how much we do, the need remains so great!

Let us stand firm, and see how much we can continue to raise in the coming weeks; each pound we raise exponentially helps bring clean water to the most effected regions in the world.

As we commemorate the death anniversary of Imam Sajjad (A.S.), we pray to Allah (SWT) through his intercession to grant full recovery to all those who are not well. Ameen.

With the grace of the Almighty we will be riding soon to ensure #finishwhatwestarted.

Mohamed Ladha

SJ Cycling