Making A Difference Together


“O My Shia, Remember me every time you drink water!”  Imam Hussain (AS)

In a few days we as a community will start to commemorate Muharram, and remember a personality who made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity.

Once again, we have been given this opportunity, in this sacred month, to effect humanity by providing the most basic human need, sustainable clean water, to the most impoverished in the world.  Today we are officially starting our campaign to raise funds for AAWA, with a vision to bring this bounty of clean water from the Almighty, to every corner of the earth.  No matter how much we do, the need remains so great!

The annual AAWA sportive is more than cycling; the cycling only provides us a means to achieve the ultimate goal…. #makingadifferencetogether.  Our riders (gents, ladies, and U16s) are training hard for this journey, and with the grace of the Almighty we will all complete this journey with success.  But the ultimate goal, and definition of success will be the impact we as a global community are able to make to humanity.  Will you help us in delivering the £72,000 challenge?

Today we are asking our community to stand with us; the WF Office Bearers, the Regional Federations, the Jamaats, and each member of our global community.  Stand with us because together we can make a difference.

“O you who believe, spend from that which We have provided for you before there comes a Day in which there is no exchange and no friendship and no intercession….” (2:254)

These are difficult times; we are dealing with unprecedented events.  But through all this, let us not forget those who are less fortunate than we are.  Change starts with us; remember those who need our charity only have one thing, HOPE.  We are the difference they are hoping for!

As a community whenever we have come together, we have always #makingadifferencetogether.  Let us come together one more time to effect humanity!

SJ Cycling