MAMT Volleyball Registration 2023


Every year, SJVB gets together to participate, in what is usually the most eagerly awaited tournament of the year, The Mulla Asgher Memorial Tournament, more commonly know as MAMT.

We are excited to announce that this year the tournament is back and will be hosted by Shia Sportsclub of Peterborough during the weekend of the 30th of September to the 1st of October.

MAMT has always been unique in its own way, it allows community members from a cross section of generations to get together, build new bonds as well as strengthen old ones thus creating a vibrant environment for all to enjoy and excel within.

SJVB has for the longest time dominated the Premiership level of Volleyball at these tournaments which was further marked by the last one hosted in Birmingham in the summer of 2019, when we split our A and B teams and were still able to retain the Premiership title. Our fabled ‘C’ team were however unable to retain their title narrowly loosing out to the hosts in a pulsating Championship final.

However, this year there’s a new challenge. COEJ in collaboration with Shia Sports Peterborough will be hosting a CHAMPIONSHIP style tournament aimed at maximising exposure for the youth and smaller clubs.

This change comes at the perfect time for SJVB, who have been in transition over the past year into a much younger more youth centred club. As the SJVB TEAM, we are excited at this opportunity and with a little leeway from the organisers should be able to combine some great hybrid style teams to attend the tournament held at the end of September.

We encourage everyone to sign up, regardless of the level of volleyball that you play at as we will be allowed to include some T1 players based on selection criteria.

Use the link below to register your interest BY THE 30th OF JUNE

We are excited to share all the volleyball related news and updates and should Inshallah be working towards this in the coming weeks.