MinneshowTime – SJVB Tour Update


Salaamun Alaikum,

As you are aware, our SJ Volleyball team has travelled to Minnesota to play at the tournament organised by the Jaffery Sports of Minnesota.

Below are the pools for Round 1.
Round will be best of 2. With top 2 teams from each group qualifying for the Quarter Finals. Teams that finish between 3rd to 6th will go into a playoff to qualify for the quarter finals.

Pool 1
United Stars 
Orlando Union A
Minnesota B
Minnesota A
NY Union B
Toronto Elite B

Pool B
Toronto North
Toronto Jaffery’s 
NY Union A 
Toronto Elite A
Minnesota C
Toronto Elite B
Orlando Union B
Orlando Union C

Live coverage is available, which is accessible via

The Minneshowtime website : https://linktr.ee/minneshowtime

Further updates will be sent as the tournament progresses.

In the meantime, we wish the boys all the very best .

with duas

SJ Board