New SJ Steps Record !


SJ Steps statistics official record keeping started 3 weeks ago and Mahmood Mawjee held the record for the first 21 days. However, this was beaten by Ansar Sharif who managed to do 132,411 steps last week, 57 steps more than the old record.

Mahmood Mawjee managed to step up from last week’s result with 130,725 steps, closely followed by Asif Panju’s 129,961 which takes him back to the All Time Weekly Top 3.

Once again we had 6 people crossing the 100k mark and another 4 people crossing the 90k Mark.

The challenge continues!

We are now inviting the wider community to take part in the SJ Fitness initiative “walking towards a healthier community”.
Every week we will gather data on steps taken by the community by filling out this form which will be sent out in the SJ Round-Up.
This is a drive (or walk!) to allow us to follow each others steps and get the wider community healthier
Every week we will present your weekly results and we hope that the numbers participating will increase as we progress.
It doesn’t matter how many steps you have done, what matters is that you have done steps.

All Time Weekly – Top 3

132,411: Ansar Sharif (w/e 11 August 2019)
132,354: Mahmood Mawjee (w/e 28 July 2019)
129,961: Asif Panju (w/e 11 August 2019)

Results from w/e 11th August:

132411: Ansar Sharif
130725: Mahmood Mawjee
129961:  Asif Panju
119263: Abbas Bhimji
117266: Mahmood Dewji
105421: Muntazir Bhimji
96008: Zameer Nazarali
95000: Hassan Rashid
94095: Hasnain Panju
90766: Shabbir Mulji
82958: Mohammed Esmail
79882: Talib Sheikh
76179: Raza Husain
75335: Imran Musawi
63501: Shafique Govani
54400: Abbas Alibhai
54343: Akil Kanani
49000: Mohamed Jaffer
49000: Imran Kalyan
47393: Musadiq Hassanali
46000: Sajjad Tejani