Opening Night at The SJ Clubhouse (15th March 2024)


Today is indeed a landmark, historic & groundbreaking night in the history of our illustrious club. Inshallah the opening of our very own facility and we cannot wait to welcome you all to our new home.

We have been overwhelmed with your support, generosity, and words of encouragement as we usher in a new era. Alhamdulillah, we have had a fantastic response to the invite with over 230 members registering for our opening night.

The night will be informal, relaxed and fun with plenty of Baraza, Food and Chai on tap – however to add some structure to the night we have organised a TT, Pool & Darts tournament – details of which can be found on the Tournify Link below (subject to change on the night):

Table Tennis

Pool and Darts

We will also have Carrom, Foosball, Games Room and much more available on the night. A brief itinerary of the night can be found below:

  • 10.45pm – Doors Open
  • 11.00pm – Quran, Hadise Kisa followed by Qasida
  • 11.15pm – TT/Pool/Darts Tournament Begins
  • 3.00am – Close

Sehri will be served during the night. As this is a new venue, PLEASE ensure you read through the HOUSE RULES & SPECIFIC TOURNAMENT RULES below:

House Rules:

  • ALL Members to register their arrival at the Registration Desk – this is imperative for Health & Safety Reasons.
  • Under 16’s CANNOT be left alone at the Clubhouse and will not be allowed entry without an accompanying adult.
  • We request members to make their way up to the 2nd Floor ONLY – please do not wander around the building as SJ ONLY has access/lease for the 2nd Floor. So please let’s respect this.
  • Food & Drink are ONLY allowed within the designated areas.
  • Please DO NOT take Food/Drink into the playing area.
  • A designated smoking and Vaping area will be marked. Please ensure we do not smoke or vape outside of this area, else you will politely be asked to leave the premises.
  • Please dispose of all Litter in the bins provided. The Clubhouse belongs to all members, so please treat the place with the reverence and respect by keeping it clean.
  • The event is being held very late- hence we ask all members when walking to and from smoking area/ to and from cars to please ensure you keep the noise levels down to not attract unwanted interest from the authorities.
  • Listen to Announcements as we have over 200 people in attendance Alhamdullilah. With the limited amount of time, those playing sports especially Table Tennis, Darts and Pool (where we have a structured tournament) will need to be attentive as to not miss your slot and be disqualified.
  • Please bring your mugs for tea and water bottles to reduce waste.

Tournament Rules:

Table Tennis:

  • We had over 130 registrations for Table Tennis. This has brought a challenge to create a format that will work. Our SJTT team have created one – please do visit the tournify link for info.


  • 15-minute games
  • Darts format is to play around the world, starting with 20 descending to 1.
  • Race to hit the bullseye.
  • Each game will be 15 minutes. Winner will be the player closest to needing to hot the bullseye.
  • Each turn will have 3 shots with the darts.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the allotted time, we will have a one dart playoff- highest number wins.


  • Pool- 10-minute games
  • We will play 8 ball pool. (We have yellow and red balls)
  • First player to pocket a colour will be assigned that colour to then pocket all their balls.
  • The object of the game is to legally pocket the 8-ball (Black ball) in a “called” pocket, which can only be done after all the balls from a player’s assigned group have been cleared from the table.
  • Once all a player’s group of object balls are pocketed, the player attempts to sink the 8 ball. To win the game, the player first designates which pocket the 8 ball will be pocketed into and then successfully pockets the 8 ball into that pocket.
  • If the player knocks the 8 ball off the table, the player loses the game.
  • If the player pockets the 8 ball and commits a foul or pockets it into another pocket than the one designated, the player loses the game.

Carrom, Foosball, Siting VB, Sitting Cricket & E-Sports

  • These will be open to all to play- we request that all are given enough chances to play and no one stays for an extended period of time.
  • We request parents to ensure their children do share the resources to avoid any issues.
  • We are so excited to host you all on this monumental day for the club, where we can finally have a place to call our own to share with the membership.