SJ RACKETS SPORTS (SJRS) are pleased to be holding their first ever Squash camp for boys this February Half Term.

PLEASE NOTE:  Every child has to be registered and paid for individually.

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Seniors – the SJ Golden Stars


Salaamun Alaikum
Our community is blessed with athletes and sportsmen throughout the generations and many of our respected elders today were leaders and stars back in Africa. As sports has always formed an integral part of our community, our grandparents and parents ensured this was maintained as a key component when forming the structures post migration. As a result of all this hard work and their prayers, we are blessed with the organisation and facilities we can offer our members today.
It is essential our community ensures sports and well-being filters across the whole community and engages segments across the age-groups. In line with this, one of the key SJ priorities for this term was to extend our portfolio to formally and actively engage the seniors.
On Wednesday 27th February 2019, Stanmore Jafferys had the honour to formally inaugurate SJ Seniors department at the weekly gathering where the SJ Chairman, Shafique Govani, was given the opportunity to present the vision and objectives which was well received amongst the target audience.
This milestone in our club’s history also witnessed the formal appointment of the SJ Seniors co-ordinator, Mumtazbhai Kassam now formally known as Captain MAK, an avid and active sportsman with a wealth of experience on his CV.

Mumtazbhai has worked tirelessly over the past number of weeks to ensure a solid foundation is established for this new department with the aim of initiating the activities with immediate effect.

Joining hands with a group of colleagues, the first event was held on Tuesday 5th March at the Hujjat Centre where more than 40 people joined in to participate in a range of activities including table tennis and carom. Furthermore, the Seniors SJ membership has now reached 70+ within 2 weeks

The plan going forward is to arrange activities every Tuesday mornings and all seniors are encouraged to become part of this club and participate regularly.

For further information and/or enquiries, kindly contact the SJ Seniors co-ordinator Mumtazbhai Kassam by email (seniors@jafferys.org) or please speak to him directly during one of the programmes at the centre.
With Salaams & Duas
Stanmore Jafferys

SJ Swimming with East African Mix


Salaamun Alaikum

Swimming with East African Mix

“An early morning start with no birds chirping and the fathers dragging themselves out of bed with their young ones despite the rain. This morning I witnessed all age groups, young and old, grandparents playing tag in the water and some serious lengths being completed. As usual an amazing breakfast ended the morning with today’s menu serving East African Mix with Bhajia, Chevro and Ganthia together with special chai.”

Our SJ Head of Swimming, Ali Ravji, reports from last Sunday’s swimming session depicting a typical morning.

Join SJ Swimming on Saturdays and Sundays:

Saturday session 16/02/2019
7.30am – 8.30am
St Margret’s School, Merry Hill Rd, Watford WD23 1DT, UK
Sunday session 17/02/2019
8.00am – 9.00am
Aspire Leisure Centre, Wood Ln, Stanmore HA7 4AP, UK

To Register for SJ Swimming w/e 16/17 February click here.

Swimming updates will also be communicated via the dedicated SJ swimming WhatsApp group.

Please click here to join the group (from a WhatsApp enabled device)

Salaams & Duas 

Ali Ravji 
& SJ swimming committee

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Stanmore Jafferys – a 5-Star Sports Club

Dear Members of Stanmore Jafferys
Salaamun Alaikum

In line with the guidance set out by the constitution, following the AGM on 21stDecember 2018, Stanmore Jafferys 2019-2021 EC team is now formally constituted as per the reconvened meeting on 4th January 2019.

I would like to begin with extending my appreciation to the community for your confidence and support granted to the new team in steering this club towards the next destination in its journey.

Over the past 20 years, I have been an active member of this club in participation and leadership capacity alike. This has allowed me to be part of the exciting journey up to today where I now have young children of my own who are privileged and honoured to be part of this great institution. During this period I have witnessed a remarkable evolution and growth – making this organisation a leading one in our community worldwide. 

At this point I would like us all to acknowledge Stanmore Jafferys leaders in various capacities shouldering this immense responsibility, forming and shaping the great asset we have today. 

Building blocks over the years and leaders standing on each others shoulders, the institution would like to applaud the extraordinary 2  terms that our immediate past chairman Abbas Merali has delivered over the past four years. The club is today engaging around one thousand members and during this period we have seen the club travelling through an exciting and dynamic phase in our club’s history. As he continues to serve the community in capacity of Vice Chairman, I am confident he will contribute the same level of energy and passion which has been his trademark amongst others during his leadership. Simultaneously, let us all recite a loud Salawaat for the outgoing SJ team 2017-19 and we pray to The Almighty to grant them Tawfeeq, Barakah and increase in Rizq.

Furthermore, we recognise the efforts and energy of all dedicated volunteers who tirelessly keep investing their time and effort in delivering the activities. You are truly the flag-bearers of this community flagship, ensuring an ongoing, smooth and invaluable service.  

We also acknowledge the participation and support of the members ensuring the momentum and drive is maintained at all times. Moreover, the members are the ambassadors of the SJ badge and its spirit when representing this great club at national and international events. Especially, the community is truly honoured to have such devoted and talented athletes who illustrate and depict the essence of team-work and brotherhood whilst delivering and displaying their skills and continue to deliver great results and achievements.      

Stanmore Jafferys is indeed a successful institution and we need to continue to set our standards even higher, aiming to deliver a 5* institution for our members in all areas. Whilst our focus will always be the SJ membership, Stanmore Jafferys ought to continue being the benchmark for other clubs within our region and also further extend this position around the Khoja, Shia and Muslim globe.  In addition, we are fully capable of setting standards as a charter standard club within the wider society.
A detailed road map is charted out revolving around these 5 high level priorities:

  • Administrative Backbone (Systems, Protocols & Processes)
  • Compliance (Safeguarding & Welfare)
  • Product & Service (Ensuring Maintenance, Enhancement & Extension of our service across the community segments)
  • Marketing (Branding, Communication & PR)
  • External Relationships (Intra-Community, Sports Organisations, and Sponsors)

To fulfil our ambitions and achieve our objectives, we need to continue embedding the critical ingredients forming and shaping our club – faith, communityunity, and respect.

The 2019-2021 team is looking forward to serve the community and we will introduce the team members in the next communiqué.

Once again, thank you for your support and God Bless you all.

Salaams & Duas

Shafique Govani
SJ Chair

Stanmore Jafferys – Gents Subscriptions 2019

Dear All,

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SJ Gents Membership 2019
Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact: membership@jafferys.org
SJ Gents Sports Board