Patience is a virtue


“And that man shall have nothing but what he strives for” – The Holy Quran Chapter 53, Verse 39

The world of 2020 is all about now. With the world increasingly at our fingertips, it is hard to learn patience when everything is an instantaneous fix. If we become ill, search engines are filled with a possible diagnosis. Instead of going to the store to buy the essentials, we order with a click of a button and 24 hours later it appears at our doorsteps.

But sometimes good old hard graft, discipline and genuine perseverance do not go amiss. In fact, the greater rewards come from those things that take time to build in life, whether that be our closeness to Allah (S.W.T), our relationship with our spouse, success in our careers or even the small matter of setting a 5K PB.

Over the last few weeks, the words “5K PB” have frequently occupied my Strava feed. And on Saturday 17 October 2020, two of our SJ Runners set their 5K PB. The key to each of these successes has been patience. These runners have shown fantastic commitment over the last two months and there is no doubt they have experienced the days of, “What’s the point of this?” But there is no greater sense of satisfaction in achieving a goal that you once thought was a pipe dream, through sheer perseverance.

And it is important you take that skill of patience you have learnt through running and positively apply it to more important aspects of your life. The next time your parents take an extra 20 seconds to pick up your phone call or a loved one makes a mistake, take a deep breath and smile. The world is better off by each of us being patient.

Ali Momin

SJ Running