Quotes from L2B


Guys I just wanted to say how proud I am of each and everyone of you….. an amazing bunch of brothers, who achieved a tremendous feat….. to make a difference in people’s lives… it was an honour to have been part of the day.


I am shattered….. but have to say a huge thank you to (volunteers) for your support, taking the whole day out to support us and the cause.  I can only pray for you guys and our day was made amazing because of your work and support.


Salaams all! Hope legs are fine today! To everyone who made yesterday happen – thank you! May Allah reward your efforts in raising money for the charity and in bringing the community together.


Wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your commitment, hard work, and persistence. I am blown away by what you have achieved in the past six weeks.  I also wanted to thank the endless number of volunteers, many of the unsung hero’s who have dedicated a huge amount of time and effort to make today a success.  From our partners- WF-Aid, DHL, and Hujjat- to all the gracious sponsors, our drivers, and the gents who brought us lunch, plus all the people working behind the scenes the past several weeks. Thank you.

I received numerous messages today thanking me for a successful event.  The event was a success because we all worked together.  The brilliance we can achieve when we work together towards one goal was demonstrated today.  My measure of success today was the achievement of two things:

1) to bring to light the humanitarian need for water around the world, and the great work WF-Aid is doing to meet this need.

2) to ensure each and every one of you completed the challenge safely and crossed that “finish line”

With the grace of the Almighty, I believe we achieved both with tremendous success.  As @Shafique Govani says, a 5* delivery.

Each of you, the riders, partners, sponsors, and volunteers contributed to this success. Surely this is our greatest asset as a community, the selfless act of giving.

Thank you all for your hard work and contribution; may the Almighty reward you for all you have done.


An amazing achievement by all…

Very nicely organized cyclists..

The number of unfortunate brothers and sisters who will benefit from Hz Ali Asgher Water Appeal…

May Bibi Fatema Zahra as reward you all

Cycling n 54 miles was a short term achievement,

Long term achievement will remain forever.


Salaams everyone, I just want to echo other sentiments on here and show gratitude to the organisers for putting together such a great event and getting us all over the line. On a personal note, the last few months have been a bit of a cycling whirlwind having only learnt to ride a bike in April…… I expressed my lack of confidence in riding on roads at which point he said to join the weekend rides with SJ and the rest is history…… I certainly feel more confident on the roads now and that is down to the support … the rest of the team for their advice and words of encouragement. There is no material value that can quantify my gratitude suffice to say you will all be in my duas and prayers for helping me get to this stage.


Last week I was in Kerbala during Ashura and saw the distribution of free water to the pilgrims who had come for the visitation of Imam Husayn in the blazing heat. How poignant it was that Imam had died thirsty on this day and was serving water to the millions who had come to visit him. It was truly a honour that we could live the message of Imam Husayn practically and try and raise funds for the deprived who had no access to clean drinking water. SJ Cycling and WF Aid gave us this  opportunity to put this into action and cycle from London 2 Brighton in the name of Imam Husayn.