Ramadan Bike Riding Tips


You may think that cycling during Ramadan is not possible or it could tire you, however the experience of many members of SJ Cycling Club is different to that.

Here’s some tips to help you to keep cycling during the Holy month of Ramadan:

#1. It’s always about MindOverMatter. Don’t let fasting stop you from riding, if your mind wants to do it, your body and strength will follow.

#2. Find your riding capacity. This comes with practice, you may find 5 miles adequate, or it could be 15miles… and you can build that capacity with practice. Some club members have completed 100km while fasting – it’s very doable.

#3. Know your route. This helps you pace yourself and preserve your energy for the duration of the route, and if there’s any hills, climb them at an easy pace.

#4. Try keeping your mouth closed when riding, it’s not easy but it helps you from getting a dry-mouth and becoming thirsty. You can try and keep it closed for short timeframes and use a neck tube to help cover it.

#5. Pace your ride. Don’t insist on going at your normal pace/ speed. The goal is finishing the ride and maintain your energy to hold your fast. Take it easy and enjoy cycling.

#6. Alternate your cycling days and don’t try and ride everyday if you’re not used to it, manage your capacity and take it easy while your body gets used to fasting and riding.

#7. Hot weather can be a strain on your energy levels, be weary of that when riding and dress appropriately. You can also ride at early mornings or evenings when the weather is usually cooler.

#8. Wearing too much will warm you up quickly and tire you out, check the weather and dress accordingly.

#9. Find your best riding time. First thing in the morning is good as your energy is higher, especially if you’ve had a good sohoor (but think about the rest of the day too). Before Iftar is another good time, and some prefer riding between Iftar and Sohoor – go with your flow.

#10. Having a good sohoor is key to preserve your energy throughout your day and helps with the quality of your ride and your fast – don’t skip this key meal time.

#11. Allah first. We are in Ramadan and it’s the month of fasting, prayers, duas and supplication, don’t let your ride ruin that.

#12. Family priorities are also key, please ensure you keep enough energy to see to their needs too.

#13. Tiredness doesn’t mean you can’t ride. Cycling can improve your energy even when you feel tired, it might take a few pedals to get there, but it’s worth a try. Remember point 1, #MindOverMatter.

Most importantly, enjoy your Ramadan and let’s remember each other in our duas.

Written by: Seyed Mohammed Jawad Shahrestani