Ramadhan Discipline

Inshallah hope the first few days of Ramadhan have gone well – the hours are long here in London but alhamdulillah they are going well.For most of you who knew my Father – Marhoom Mustafa Mawjee – this week marks 3 years since dad left this world – could I kindly ask you to remember dad with a Surah-e-Fatiha.

In 2017 I created a series of 3 short videos for Ramadhan – they were on Discipline, Nutrition and Fitness

Please click HERE to watch the short video on Discipline, Nutrition and Fitness.

We all have heard the saying “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail“ and especially within this month this saying rings so true.

I use this month to plan ahead – to correct and set good habits and to aim to get rid of habits which are not serving me anymore.

Some habits like smoking – we know it’s a habit which causes great harm just like excess sugar amongst others. This is one time in the year that we find the discipline to keep away from these for most of the day – maybe that discipline can be extended into the months to come.

What you tell yourself everyday the mind believes – what if we made our mind believe we can set great habits and keep away from that which is not serving us well – what happens – A NEW LIFE !

Allah’s greatest gift to us is our body – Our gift back to Allah is how we choose to look after it !

Please click HERE to watch the short video on the importance of Discipline in health over this very important month.

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Salaams and Duas

Dr Mahmood Mawjee