Ramadhan Mubarak from Stanmore Jafferys


Dear Members,

Salaamun Alaikum

We pray that you are safe and well.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Ramadhan Kareem. Let us pray to The Almighty for the safety and wellbeing of all and InshAllah we come out on the other side of this as a stronger and closer community.

Whilst we are feeling the void of SJ sports, it has been great to see the various inventive ways for keeping fit and healthy and we hope this continues during the Month of Ramadhan.

We are blessed to have members of the community providing us with daily activities to Keep Healthy At Home: Join Mahmood Mawjee, Zainali Panjwani and Ilyas Govani at 5.30pm on hujjat.org/live for these sessions

Let us stay safe and keep each other, the wider community and humanity in our Duas during this month.

Wishing you all a blessed month.

With Duas,

Stanmore Jafferys