Refresh – Reinvigorate – Restructure


Dear SJ Members

Salaamun Alaikum

I pray the SJ community enjoyed their Eid celebrations and festivities following a blessed Mahe Mubarak.

As we turn the page to the summer season, traditionally this time of the year is symbolised with preparations for the annual SJ sports festivals and tournaments. Whilst yet again feeling the vacuum of many of our main summer landmarks, the SJ volunteer troops have been fully engaged with assembling spectacular summer events and activities across our growing sports portfolio.

The clouds of restrictions seem to gradually disperse and we can vividly sense the eagerness of the SJ community returning to the arena. That said, we have been fortunate to continuously experience creative solutions and deliveries by our dedicated and devoted ambassadors, ensuring the SJ spirit remains buoyant regardless of situation.

Whilst the operational delivery is being refreshed and reinvigorated, the HQ has immersed itself in building strategies and structures. The club has become accustomed to continuous evolution across the spectrum and this development demands ongoing maintenance and enhancement of our structures as well as processes to ensure we serve the membership at the level they deserve. On the same note, it is imperative that our structures are wrapped in suitable and befitting frameworks allowing club and community alike to prosper and progress.

Enabling smooth access to and deployment of our services, the club has established a platform facilitating and enhancing the members’ experience using our upgraded systems.

Having introduced revised subscription arrangements, we would like to extend our appreciation to the members for their swift support in renewing their official membership allowing them access to the SJ activities as well as unlocking attractive deals on our rewards programme.

As a fundamental part of our SJ ethos, we have continued to line up support to the deserving people locally as well as beyond immediate boundaries. The club demonstrated once again, in exemplary fashion, our passion and dedication towards raising and providing means for those deserving and in need. To that effect, we will in due course impart the impact last year’s AAWA has made around the world, setting the scene for yet another inspirational ride later this year.

Praying for a healthy and active summer for the entire SJ community.

With Salaams & Duas

Shafique Govani

Chairman, Stanmore Jafferys