Representing SJ 5* Colours at MAMT


Dear SJ MAMT Squad Member

Salaamun Alaikum & Jumua Mubarak

First of all, on behalf of Stanmore Jafferys, I would like to extend our appreciation and best wishes for your participation at the annual MAMT, named after our leader Marhum Mulla Asgharali M.M Jaffer. At this point, let us recite Surat-ul-Fatiha as we commemorate 20 years since the marhum returning to The Almighty (SWT).

MAMT is an event filled with heritage and memories, providing a platform for our community members to bond and unite on the sports arena. We need to ensure we do not take these opportunities for granted as our community is blessed with a set up facilitating these kind of ongoing events.

This is to a large extent possible due to the strong volunteering spirit infused across our members and we acknowledge the hard work, efforts and time committed by our regional organisation CoEJ Sports Task Force and past years’ hosts, in particular Peterborough Jamaat. This year, we have set our SatNav towards the Midlands and Inshallah ready to be served by Birmingham Jamaat and Masoomin Sports Club. We are aware of the meticulous planning and preparation leading up to the event for which we extend our sincere gratitude. Finally, we acknowledge Hujjat EC’s ongoing support and in particular we would like to mention their subsidy of the MAMT Niyaz/Food fees for all SJ participants covered every year by the Hujjat EC.

SJ sports team, coaches and team leaders continue to invest maximum efforts throughout the year in defining and refining facilities and development for our SJ members and once again I would like to put on record the EC’s appreciation for your devotion to this club. Combined with this it is indeed heart-warming to witness SJ members’ increasing engagement across the age groups as well as parents’ support facilitating and encouraging our children’s participation.

As journeys are undertaken throughout the weekend we need to be cognisant of the capacity of representation. Carrying the Stanmore Jafferys 5* badge and colours is an honour as well as a responsibility. At all times during the tournament, we need to ensure the expected decorum and akhlaq is maintained by all SJ members, players and parents. There will be challenging and frustrating situations during the festival at which point our composure and respect is of paramount importance.

The expected etiquette should be respected even outside the sports venues including the evening meals at restaurants and especially the hotels where the rules need to be adhered to. We need to uphold the standards of our religion, community and club.

Furthermore, Salaat-ul-Jamaat is a fundamental part of the these events and needless to say SJ members’ participation should be maximum as it also reflects the club standards.

Stanmore Jafferys continue to deliver year after year and I am confident MAMT 2019 will not be any different. Our aim is to deliver the highest performance and results in every category with a 5* level of dignity and respect. Above all, let us make this yet another memorable experience for all parties.

Wishing you all safe travels and a massive Good Luck!

Salaams & Duas

Shafique Govani
Chair, Stanmore Jafferys

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