SJ Ramadhan Relief Fasted 100km Ride


When we embarked on the Ramadhan Relief Campaign this year, we had two key targets; raising £12,500 for WF-AID, and being active for 100,000 minutes as a community.

We, at SJ Cycling, challenged ourselves to complete a fasted 100 kms ride for your fundraising pledges to feed beneficiaries in the UK during this holy month. we managed to secure 120 pledges from you for this challenge. Alhamudillah, today we fulfilled our promise, have you done yours?

The ride started at 4:00pm at Stanmore McDonalds and ended at SJHQ in Watford via London City Airport loop. The Super 6 riders (Abbas Bhimji, Muntazir Bhimji, Jay Shahrestani, Sajjad Meghjee and Imran Mamdani) delivered on their promise gloriously with your support and encouragement. 

Call to Action:
We are still short of our active minutes target. Between now and the last day of the holy month we ask you to go for a short walk, run or cycle and log it on strava. Every mile counts.

SJ Cycling