Secretariat Announcement


At the recent AGM Alhamdulillah we managed to fill in all the required elected positions to the Managing Committee of the Gents Sports Section.

Further to this, the positions of Secretary and Assistant Secretary were due to be appointed and approved by the Head of Gents Sports together with input from the wider team.

As you are all aware Qayam Kassamali has been SJ secretary and prior to this Assistant Secretary over the last 5 years. Qayam’s contribution to the club is immense and invaluable. His experience and passion unrivalled and his dedication an example for us all.

Qayam’s contribution to SJ was fittingly summarised by our immediate past chair Brother Shafique Govani whereby he mentioned ‘Qayam is a person that does not like the limelight or exposure. There are people who define an organisation and Qayam is one of them’

We thank Qayam for his work and pray that Allah SWT blesses him and his family abundantly for his service.

At this juncture we are pleased to announce a new Secretariat team made up of Brother Ali Momin who will gradually transition into the role of Stanmore Jafferys Secretary over the next few weeks. Ali will also continue to lead our running activities for the coming period but will work with the running team to a succession plan. Joining him will be Shehzadali Virjee, who joins as Assistant Secretary. We ask you all to support us as the new members of the HQ team transition into their new roles.




Volunteering Experience:

Head of SJ Running June 2020 to date

Why volunteer for SJ?

When opportunities present themselves to serve your community, ask yourself, why would you not do it?

Sporting Interest

Running, of course! But an avid follower of all sports (except horse racing!).



Volunteering Experience:

Former treasurer Kilimeru Sports of Arusha. Part of the volunteering committee in Arusha as well as a senior citizens volunteer Arusha.

Why volunteer for SJ?

I love serving my community and I consider sports to be one of the most important, if not the most important, aspects of our community. I want to give back and help sports thrive while also assisting people in building friendships and having fun.

Sporting interest

Volleyball is my passion, but I enjoy playing and watching a variety of sports. I was able to represent SJ volleyball playing for the A team in the 2021 tournament in Dubai. The plan is to continue to represent SJ both on and off the court.