Seniors Venture into Mini Golf… and Tiger Woods are spotted


With all equipment and facilities in place, seniors got ready for putting at our Hujjat Center. And lo and behold!What a turn out! With so many surprise new faces and guests from abroad, we almost had sixty five seniors present. All the five putting holes busy with seniors ever willing to learn with the technique. So indoor golf is here to stay and Inshallah, an outing to a nearby mini golf range is round the corner.

Every Tuesday, carrom, draughts and table tennis stations are very popular with seniors waiting eagerly for their turns. Simultaneously, the elderly seniors get into a cheerful Baraaza discussion at the rear whilst darts puts them off a bit due to the rule of putting on crash helmets for playing darts!! But the cream of it all is in the warm up exercises and stretches we hold at the start of every session. It is such a joy to see seniors of all ages joining in and putting in that effort. The yoga stretch levels have risen considerably and so have the numbers. Any SJ member hanging around Hujjat on a Tuesday…please pop in for a pleasant surprise.

Mumtazali Kassam