Shaneabbas Merali Continues at the SJ VB Wheel


Stanmore Jafferys Volleyball has undergone significant progress and development over the past two years under the leadership of Shaneabbas Merali. SJ Volleyball is therefore pleased to announce that Shaneabbas will continue to drive the department over the next term.

Some of the highlights over 2 past years include:

Tournament Wins:

  • MAMT 2018 (Premiership & Championship)
  • Abbasi Cup 2018 (Premiership & Championship)
  • Al Wilayah 2018 (Premiership & Championship)
  • MAMT 2019 (Premiership Winners, Championship Runners Up)

Re-energise VB Sessions with re-introduction of a 2 Tier System:

  • Highest average attendance at Sessions for a long time (avg. 35 adults per session (excluding Academy attendance)

Introduce new players to the game and re-introduce an academy session for a trial run:

  • Total of 10 Academy sessions ran between March – July with over 20 kids (U-16) attending, youngest participant being 7 years old
  • Established Youth Team – which has performed remarkedly over the last 12 months – attending Dubai 2019 as well

Attend international tournaments with the view to establish SJVB as a premium VB outfit recognized globally amongst VB Community:

  • NY2018 – Quarter Finalists
  • Minnesota 2019 – Semi Finalists
  • Dubai 2019 – 3 Teams

Following are the plans ahead for the next two years

  • Build on success over the last couple of years – lead the way for UK Volleyball – deliver trophies across both tiers (locally & internationally)
  • Continue to re-energise VB Sessions and build on weekly attendance – restructure sessions
  • Work with the Youth Team to build on their improvement and integrate into Tier 1
  • Establish a full time academy session – 20 Sessions in a year focused on 16’s – continue to build a pathway for new/young players
  • Sustainable Structure for next team to take over

The first part of this project has already commenced with an average of 55 players attending each of the last 3 sessions. We have created a Youth Squad and a Development Squad with specialised training programmes for both Squads. We ask for your support in sustaining this model and ensuring we secure the future of Volleyball at SJ.

Shaneabbas would like to extend the following acknowledgements for their support during the past term:

The SJVB Team
1. Amirali Merali
2. Jabir Merali
3. Kumail Khaki
4. Muntazir Jaffer

The Sponsors
1. The Zahra Trust
2. Mamado International
3. R-Tech
4. Café De Nata
5. Paradise Seafood
6. Numerous Sponsors/Friends who wish to remain anonymous

The Volunteers
1. Abbasali Merali (selector)
2. Tauseef Kanji
3. Fazal Virani (Academy)
4. A-Team (Academy Sessions)
5. Wilayah Volunteers

The Players

The Present & Past EC