SJ Allocation of L2B Funds towards WF-AID Water Projects


With the success of our SJ Cycling L2B ride in September 2019, raising over £33,000 for Ali Asgher Water Appeal, we now had to decide the allocation of these funds to bring water to those who need it most.

On Sunday, 24th November, Shabbar Dhalla (World Federation VP) along with Mehdi Abbas Juma (WF-AID), met with Shafique Govani (Chair Stanmore Jafferys) and Mohamed Ladha (Head, SJ Cycling) to look at and consider the numerous water projects WF-Aid are supporting on continental Africa.

At the meeting we reviewed the projects presented by WF-AID, a humbling experience to see this enormous need for clean water; something we take for granted every day. Also, interesting to learn, was how the scarcity of water effected every aspect of life in these towns and villages; especially the economic and educational impact of not having accessible clean water. What we learned is these funds will not just provide clean water, they will change lives.

WF-AID presented their outlook as being able to provide longer term, sustainable solutions rather than “band-aid” initiatives; this vision will not only provide water solutions to impoverished communities for decades, but also a means of sadaqah jariyah for the donors.

After careful consideration, Stanmore Jafferys has decided to support the following projects:

  1. Pate Primary School Water Desalination Plant – Lamu County, Kenya

  2. Burani Water Desalination Plant – Kwale County, Kenya

  3. Water well digging and borehole maintenance project – Mbale, Uganda

  4. Marginalised village project (10 shallow wells) – Mnazini, Kenya

Stanmore Jafferys want to thank the community once again for your support, and we will keep you updated as these projects move forward to completion.

“O you who believe, spend from that which We have provided for you before there comes a Day in which there is no exchange and no friendship and no intercession…..” (2:254)