SJ Badminton Revamp and Introduction of New Sportshead – Faiyaz Kassam


Throughout the years, SJ Badminton has operated with a division between Youth and Seniors. However, this year, we witnessed the departure of two remarkable individuals, Muzaffer and Mustafa, who have made significant contributions to our community.

We are thrilled to announce that the most promising proposals have come from the young and dynamic Faiyaz Kassam. With extensive experience playing badminton at a high level, Faiyaz is well-versed in enhancing youth badminton, while also understanding the challenges that adult badminton entails from his involvement in local clubs and university settings.

When presenting his proposal, Faiyaz’s passion for the sport shone through. His goal is to drive every member of the club towards improvement, both in terms of fitness and badminton skills. This dedication to excellence will build upon the exceptional work accomplished by Mustafa and Muzaffer.

We extend our best wishes to Faiyaz and the upcoming team that he will soon announce as they step into leadership roles within SJ Badminton.

Best regards,
Stanmore Jafferys