SJ CYCLING CROSSES THE £20K AAWA LINE – The Global Community Comes Together


As the final preparations are under way for the SJ Cycling London to Brighton cycle ride; it offers a time to reflect on this fantastic opportunity. As a sports club we have been afforded the opportunity to give back to the most impoverished in the world. Is there a more noble cause than providing someone with water in this sacred month?

“O My Shia, Remember me everytime you drink water!” Imam Hussain (AS)

Our journey started with a simple collaboration between SJ Cycling and WF-Aid; an idea that materialised into a movement for humanity. As we moved forward in our journey, others came to offer their support; we collaborated with DHL to transport our bikes, Hujjat kindly arranged the transport for riders, and numerous volunteers to sort out food, rider kits, marketing. But by far, the greatest collaboration has been that with the global community; you have stepped up to support not just Stanmore Jafferys, but the most noble cause of giving water through Ali Asgher Water Appeal.

I remember at the start of Muharram our target was to raise £14k, and we had only managed to raise around £2k. Hujjat then offered to contribute all the funds that were raised in the ELC on Ashura night; what a generous offer. This was followed by the release of the SJ video, sharing personal stories from our riders; the message of our appeal resonated with the global community. By Ashura day we had raised the target of £14k, and we knew our community had so much more to give. We raised our target to £20k on Ashura day in the hopes the community would rally behind us once again to reach a new, higher ambition.

As I sit here today, with the grace of the Almighty, we as a global community have worked together to raise more than £20,000, surpassing our target once again. Our journey does not end here; the need is so great and we as a community must continue to support this initiative.

Whilst the riders prepare their bikes and themselves for our journey on Sunday, I know the community will continue in their generosity.

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Also, please join us on our Social Media on Sunday as we provide live updates of our progress from London to Brighton


Even better, bring your family and friends and join us in Brighton at the finish line so we can celebrate our achievement together.

Mohammed Ladha
Head of SJ Cycling