SJ Cycling Arbaeen 3 Kabrastan Ride Summary


Over the last few months including the holy month of Muharram the mosques and islamic centers have been closed due to the current covid restrictions. The only viable option which ensures safety of everyone was deemed to visit our dear ones at three main cemeteries around London. This provided us with a sense of satisfaction where we were able to hold a short majalis and remember our near and dear ones who are no longer with us.

Due to popular demand, the kabrastan ride was held during the Sunday after Arbaeen Day and we had a total of 27 riders departing Northwood Madressa at 8am riding through Woodcock Hill, Watford and ending at Carpenters Park cemetery where we were blessed to have Shk. Arif Chandoo recite a short majalis.

As the kabrastan ride has attracted popular support, we are looking to schedule this ride once every six weeks coinciding with either a Khushali or Wafaat iA.

Thank you to the riders, volunteers and donors who organised tabarruk.

SJ Cycling