SJ Cycling Indoor Coaching Opportunity


We have been discussing with our brothers in Canada (Hasnain Kara) about doing some structured training to improve ourselves, get fitter, and become better riders. With a plethora of available options online (Zwift, Training Peaks, etc), where does one start, what does one do? Well how about a coach? With that in mind, We have reached out to a well known coach offering a group/guided training program with the following details:

8 Weeks of Training (3-4 hours per week minimum). 


10 to 14 riders $90per rider.

15 to 19 riders $85per rider.

20 to 24 riders $80per rider.


  1. Smart Trainer, cadence with  Wahoo, Garmin, Zwift.  Or
  2. Power Meter, cadence with Zone Cards. Or
  3. Dumb Trainer, virtual power with Speed sensor and cadence

This would include set up of Training Peaks basic account with B1 for everyone. With a free short term Trial of Training Peaks Premium for all B1 Coached riders. Premium is not required for the program.

Without a doubt the best way to train is with a smart trainer based on your FTP test and external cadence sensor.

As you can see above there are other options that do work. Riders can also train with a dumb trainer based on heart rate or rating of preserved effort.  ?

Together Fit, Stronger, Faster!!!

Please see the Q&A for a bit more details above.

Vito Q&A